In 1993, Richard Sonnier III founded Net Partners, Inc. to provide IT services to Houston organizations. In 2001, Net Partners, Inc. formed Nimble Services, Inc (Nimble) for this IT services business with Richard Sonnier as its President. Today, Nimble continues its 12-year history of excellent service to its loyal customers.

Over its history, the firm has designed and implemented numerous IT projects. Since 1993, the firm has completed large projects (over 500 hours) for Exxon, Shell, Kraton Polymers, BMC Software, Global Marine, GlobalSantaFe, Landmark Graphics, GX Technologies, Adams & Reese, and TIW.

Within the government sector, the firm has delivered projects at Bonneville Power Administration, a Department of Energy (DOE) agency and has ongoing projects delivering IT services to the DOE. In addition, the firm is currently pursuing multiple projects with the DOE. Each project is valued at over $100,000.00. Furthermore, the firm is currently pursuing projects with University of Houston and the City of Sugar Land. In recent activities, the firm has completed initial IT evaluations for Channelview ISD.


Richard L Sonnier III

Founder, President, and Senior Systems Analyst for Nimble Services.

Richard Sonnier has over 29 years of experience creating working and cost effective solutions across myriad computer platforms and network technologies. Some of his skills include:

  • analysing and designing high performance computer infrastructure; testing, preparing, and securing computers and networks in accordance with industry standards;

  • integrating UNIX, NT, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, SCO, Digital UNIX, UNICOS, MPE/iX, MVS, Linux, and Windows networks into coherent company information system;

  • implementing computer systems management and network backups, printing, access, and more;

  • troubleshooting all aspects of compleb networked systems, focusing on increased performance and seamless ease of use;

  • developing custom system services and applications to provide complete computing environment in C, C++, FORTRAN, Visual BASIC, Pascal, LISP, Korn, Perl, TCL/TK, SQL, NT Batch, Java, JavaScript, and PowerShell;

  • and managing complex systems integration and management projects.

Richard Sonnier’s full CV is available here, with full lists of skills and accomplishments.

Greg Fuller

Senior Security Analyst

Greg brings over 36 years of experience and skills to Nimble Services’ customers in graphics applications and system design across a multitude of hardware platforms, operating systems, application packages, and security integration with existing corporate standards.

Greg Fuller’s full CV is available here, with full lists of skills and accomplishments.