Past Projects

Active Directory and Exchange Projects

Design of Active Directory and migration NT 4.0 domain for an 8000-employee oil drilling company.

Many Exchange 5.5 and NT 4.0 domain migrations to Exchange2000/2003 and Active Directory including complex multiple site migrations

Integrating Linux and UNIX with Active Directory using Samba and Bind DNS

Integrating enterprise application like PeopleSoft and SilverStream with Active Directory

Directory synchronization/migration projects with Active Directory using several commercial packages like Netscape LDAP server, BindView, Qwest FastLane, and NetIQ.

Created Group Policies templates for compatible use across NT 4.0 domain and Active Directory

Software installation via Group Policies and SMS

Active Directory automation using VB scripts, LDAP and LDIF

Integration of Apple Macs into Active Directory and Exchange

Migration of NT 4.0 domain to Windows 2000 Active Directory and further migration to Windows 2003 Active Directory

IT Projects

High availability servers using Microsoft Cluster and ORACLE databases

Design of large Exchange environment with over 200 sites

Implemented clustered PeopleSoft system with clustered SQL Server

Design large Citrix and Terminal Server environments

Backup/restore/disaster recovery implementations for enterprise systems using NetBackup, Legato, BackupExec and custom scripts

Numerous security projects including security assessments and policy development

Internet firewalls

Enterprise performance and application monitoring with BMC Patrol, BEST/1 and SiteScope