Custom Programming

Nimble Services Inc has and will provide custom programming solutions suited for a client’s individual needs. Past programming projects have included designing and implementing programs for eliminating clear text passwords in applications and databases, password complexity programs individualized for a client’s needs, custom firewall solutions for Linux OS, and more. Nimble employees are especially familiar with C, JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic, C# and all kinds of database programming including relational, SQL/non-SQL, design, data migration and more.

IT System and Network Design

Nimble Services both assists clients with existing systems and with creating new solutions suited for their particular needs. Nimble ensures their clients have systems that can withstand necessary stress, meet all business requirements, and otherwise cater to their individual needs.

IT Security Analyses

Nimble Services security analyses provide data about the current state of a client’s systems and potential security risks therein. These analyses can include penetration tests, security audits, security designs, and security testing.

IT Legal analyses can include consultant reports by the Nimble Services team and expert witness testimony by Sr. Systems Analyst Richard Sonnier. Nimble Services has provided legal analyses for computer forensics cases, primarily in the state of Texas and in federal court. Additional legal analyses include patent software cases throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

IT Performance Assessments

Nimble Services will assess a client’s performance, including aspects such as network performance, system performance, and storage performance, and work with the client to help them understand what their results mean and how they can be improved upon. Tests are performed using programs required by the client’s needs, such as Wireshark, PingPlotter Pro, and I/O Meter.