Richard L Sonnier III - Curriculum Vitae

Nimble Services Inc.
1519 Roy Street,
Houston, TX 77007
Phone: 281-445-4800

Summary of Qualifications

I bring over 29 years of experience and skill to Nimble Services’ customers who need cost effective computer systems and networks. I create solutions across a multitude of computer platforms and network technologies and focus on solutions with longevity based on industry standard technology.

Analyze and Design

  • High performance computer infrastructures integrated with legacy systems
  • High speed LANs/WANs/SANs and client/server architectures using Ethernet (10/100/1000) Switches, Routers, TCP/IP, Frame Relay, T1/T3, FDDI, Fibre Channel, TCP/IP, and the Internet


  • Computer security including audit preparation, audit remediation, penetration testing, policies and procedures


  • UNIX, NT, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, SCO, Digital UNIX, UNICOS, MPE/iX, MVS, Linux, and Windows networks into coherent company information system
  • Standard and custom solutions with BMC ASA software: Patrol, BEST/1, SQL*Backtrack


  • Computer systems management including policies, procedures, knowledge transfer, and products
  • Network services: distributed backup, network printing, E-mail, security, universal file and data access, ORACLE, SQL Server, AFS, NFS, DFS, Samba, www, ftp, and high availability servers


  • All aspects of complex networked systems focusing on increased performance and seamless ease of use


  • Custom system services and applications to provide complete computing environment in C, C++, FORTRAN, Visual BASIC, Pascal, LISP, Korn, Perl, TCL/TK, SQL, NT Batch, Java, JavaScript, and PowerShell


  • Complex systems integration and management projects


I am the co-owner of the Nimble Services, Inc. based in Houston, Texas. I graduated from Louisiana State University in 1985 with a B.S. in Physics and second B.S. in Computer Science, and I have over 29 years experience designing technical computing solutions.

I began my professional career at Litton Industries supporting a US Navy contract creating a large database of warship design and support data. I was responsible for all aspect of the system: database, data storage, high-speed networking, imaging and scanning, and data visualization. I developed and implemented operational support systems and data converters. In my last assignment with Litton, I was the DB2 Database Administrator for a large business unit.

After leaving Litton, I moved to Houston, TX and took a contract position with Exxon Corporation. Over the next ten years, I worked on numerous data storage and migration projects including a custom HSM system that migrated data from Apollo and Sun workstations to a large IBM mainframe attached to a very large tape storage facility and a large AFS implementation that scaled from a few hundred Gigabytes to 4 Terabytes during my tenure. I designed, developed and implemented the backup system for Exxon’s AFS site using up to 8 DLT tape jukeboxes. Additionally, I served on the evaluation team that extensively tested all the major enterprise RAID storage products of that time. Ultimately, Data General Clarrion systems were selected and I was instrumental in rolling out the new system to a capacity of 25 Terabytes. Also, I connected the Netscape web server to Exxon’s AFS data via a custom security plug-in and implement one of the first web search engines deployed in Exxon.

While contracting at Exxon, I joined a start-up company, Paranet, as its first employee. At Paranet I was a technology leader and advised many project teams. I managed the development of two commercial software products. One was a geophysical map data converter that was very successful. The other was a data backup system that was one of the first systems to support the new 8mm and 4mm tape stackers and jukeboxes. This backup system was sold to Exxon and used in production for several years. Additionally, I developed a custom driver for EPOCH Systems’ InfiniteStorage Architecture to allow data backup and archive of Apollo workstation data to EPOCH systems.

After leaving Paranet, I co-founded Net Partners, Inc. where I continued to work on data converters for geophysical data and worked on many other types of information technology projects. My last project at Net Partners was leading a team to develop a seismic data processing collaboration platform for a seismic processing vendor. The project allowed seismic data to be processed and interpreted remotely over the Internet with a web browser. I designed and implemented the entire data management subsystem including the relational database. Also, while at Net Partners, I specialized in computer system performance analysis and capacity planning. I completed many performance-troubleshooting projects often involving large ORACLE databases, and I trained BMC Software’s class instructors on BEST/1, BMC’s well-known performance and capacity planning tool.

After leaving Net Partners, I founded Nimble Services, Inc. where I continued to develop and lead cutting edge information technology projects including:

  • Converting a Microsoft Access application into a web-based solution serving a community of global users for a major chemical company.
  • Developing many web-based interfaces to legacy computer applications and databases running on mainframe or minicomputers.
  • Scaling up web application infrastructure to support thousands of users using clusters of application and database servers with secure, redundant firewall front-end systems.
  • Designing high performance computer networks.
  • Migrating legacy IT applications and systems to modern web-based solutions.


IT Security:

  • Access Control Systems and Methodology
  • Designed and implemented numerous security schemes to meet client needs using user IDs, security groups and ACLs available in most operating systems.
  • Audited access control systems and security at many sites.
  • Implemented custom password complexity programs at several clients.
  • Analyzed password strength using cryptographic analysis and brute force attacks.
  • Engineered solutions to eliminate clear text passwords in applications and databases using security standards and custom programs to encrypt passwords.
  • Extended applications like web servers to use advanced system security features like Kerberos Authentication and ACLs.
  • Unified access control across the network by integrating Windows, UNIX and other computer security.

IT Security:

  • Telecommunications and Network Security
  • Performed security penetration test including Internet, WAN and LAN.
  • Developed custom firewall solutions based on the Linux operation system.
  • Secured Internet access with firewalls: FWTK, MS Proxy Server, Cisco PIX/ASA, CheckPoint, NetScreen, NetMax, SonicWall, Linksys, routers and other network security devices.
  • Evaluated firewall effectiveness and reported on the results.
  • Performed TCP/IP network performance tests.
  • Analyzed security incidents at many companies including ExxonMobil, Global Marine and Universal Weather.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Developed business continuity plan for UNIX systems at several clients
  • Implemented failover solutions including clusters and data replication.
  • Designed hot and cold backup sites for several clients including network, hardware, software and security aspects.

Security Management Practices

  • Presented security best practices to CIO level executives and IT staff at several clients.
  • Trained IT staff on security management and maintenance.
  • Presented on computer security at conferences like Houston Business Expo and GHRUG.

Security Architecture and Models

  • Created security audit scripts to maintain compliance.
  • Implemented audit remediation to comply with corporate policies.
  • Developed SOX audit policies and procedures.
  • Developed tax compliance system to track corporate tax filings and compliance.
  • Conducted numerous Technical Control Analysis Processes (TCAPs) on many IT products and services for ExxonMobil. TCAP is ExxonMobil’s security evaluation and audit process to ensure all IT products and services comply with corporate standards and policies.
  • Designed ExxonMobil’s B2 level security environment for its exploration company covering systems, software, networks and security training.
  • Audited security practices against business policies at several clients including ExxonMobil, Global Marine, and Challenger Mineral.
  • Performed forensic analysis of many systems and provided expert reports for 8 or more legal cases dealing with theft of intellectual property, serving as expert witness in several cases.
  • Provided expert analysis and reports for a software patent case. This expert witness analysis was cited by the Circuit Court of Appeals in a successful appeal of the case and instrumental in the favourable outcome for the client:

Application and Systems Development

  • Developed application level network security solutions where remote systems were granted access to mainframe resources based on their physical IP address and two factor user authentication.
  • Developed web-based application requiring SSL security.
  • Converted a low security commercial web server farm to higher security farm located in a physically secure co-location facility and designed remediation solutions to fix 90% of the risk exposures.
  • Developed a security framework to improve security of the web-based applications.
  • Integrated, programmed and managed IBM Series/1 computers that linked the IBM mainframe with machine tools on the manufacturing floor.
  • Integrated several manufacturing floor systems with HP 3000 mainframe and later HP-UX server including shop scheduling system, labor data collection system, and DNC machine tools.
  • Designed and developed the operating system based on Linux for custom manufacturing floor terminals.
  • Developed custom data communication protocols for communication between the HP 3000 mainframe and the manufacturing servers running over both Ethernet and RS-232 serial links with full redundancy, failover and failback.
  • Developed support software for testing of Blue Sky’s custom TDC for high end physics experiments (STAR TOF experiment of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory) in LabWindows/CVI.
  • Managed the development team for Blue Sky’s follow-up software to support their TDC including recruiting the team, designing the software, and debugging it.
  • Developed the device driver for Blue Sky’s line of high performance waveform digitizers as well as some parts of the firmware and VHDL for the PCI-E interface.
  • Analyzed patents on embedded systems in vehicles and how those systems form a distributed multiprocessor system via an open communication system.
  • Analyzed the source code for numerous electronic control units (ECU’s) found in Ford vehicles especially how they communicate over the CANbus to form a loosely connected distributed multiprocessor system.
  • Analyzed the specification and schematics of the electronic components installed in Ford vehicles known commercially as Ford SYNC; and how those components are linked to other systems including Ford SYNC services.
  • Inspected and tested various combination of Ford ECU’s on vehicle bucks.

IT Infrastructure

  • Managed technical tools for support personnel.
  • Enhanced sales with technical support and technical information.
  • Improved customer service levels by increasing site efficiency.
  • Developed Help Desk and Network Inventory service offerings.
  • Developed an AFS backup system.
  • Configured Internet mail gateway and MS Exchange to support SMTP mail for 400 Exchange users.
  • Managed the corporate network of Suns, HPs, Macs and PCs.
  • Implemented a command line interface to TCP/IP sockets for UNIX systems.
  • Implemented a UNIX and PC integration project using PC/TCP.
  • Developed a UNIX file archival system using TCP/IP.
  • Designed LAN and WAN networks with 100’s of nodes using TCP/IP, IPX, and SNA protocols.
  • Configured NFS for Suns tied to Apollo networks.
  • Administered an IBM DB2 relational database system on a 4381.
  • Created relational databases in ORACLE on a VAX VMS system.
  • Administered a 50 node Apollo network with over 100 users.
  • Administered a Empress relational database system.
  • Tested new CAD software.
  • Supported Versatec and HP plotters.
  • Supported Optigraphics system and scanner.
  • Supported the Symix/Syteline ERP, engineering design systems, and the manufacturing floor electronic test equipment and the integration between them.

Business Systems Development

  • Implemented Compiere ERP on ORACLE 9 and 10.
  • Developed an engineering drawing control system.
  • Developed a multi-media web application providing audio, video and application windows to remote Internet users.
  • Setup UltraSeek Internet search engine to index and search corporate information.
  • Administrated SQL Server and Net Dynamics server for database oriented Web applications.
  • Improved a backup product with 8mm tape support on DOMAIN/OS and AFS support for Suns.
  • Managed a geophysical map converter development team and developed the core application framework for the product.
  • Developed a user interface for a GeoShare converter product.
  • Developed a converter for 3D manufacturing data between Computer Vision and Calma CAD/CAM systems.
  • Managed a CAD installation project that installed 3 division networks.
  • Designed and implemented GUIs in DOMAIN/Dialog, Open Dialogue, X11, and OSF/Motif.
  • Implemented TCP/IP to SNA gateways.
  • Developed an IOS type manager for backing up Apollo networks to an IBM mainframe.
  • Developed a color raster formatter for a Versatec 3444 plotter.
  • Developed a user support/problem tracking system.
  • Introduced software engineering techniques into CAD project.
  • Developed a custom IBM/RJE server.
  • Developed a plot control/management system.
  • Developed a generic mailbox communications package.

Performance and Monitoring

  • Developed a network monitoring application that used audio recording and playback for messaging.
  • Fixed ORACLE SQL*Net operations and performance.
  • Analyzed X11 performance over Frame Relay network.
  • Developed a UNIX system performance tool.
  • Created and taught computer performance classes features BMC’s BEST/1 product.
  • Analyzed the performance of databases, networks, clients and applications providing recommendations to increase performance and resolve bottlenecks.


  • Converted UNIX web server to NT 4.0 and IIS.
  • Ported an application from DOMAIN/OS to HP-UX.
  • Converted data from numerous different systems to new formats.
  • Developed an HP 3000 MPE emulation layer to port an entire suite of business application from MPE to HP-UX.

Expert Witness Cases


  • AllVoice Computing PLC v. Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • AirGas, Aeriform v. IWS Gas and Supply


  • WCS v. TMI
  • OmmiLabs v. Core Lab


  • James Roll vs GCA Services Group
  • Jacintoport vs former employees
  • AET vs C5 Communications, Eric Smith, et al.
  • US Quality Furniture of Services Inc. vs Furniture Works Inc.
  • Sanitors Services Inc. vs Nathaniel B. Shaw
  • Brad Randell
  • Conix
  • GAO
  • Massage Envy Imperial Oaks
  • Boulevard Reality/Sudhoff
  • Beacon Medical v. Steve Sullivan
  • PointServe (Mobi) v. IPX
  • Trading Technologies International, Inc. Patent cases
  • T & T Engineering Services, Inc. v. Axel Michael Sigmar, et al


  • Nimble Services Inc., Founder, President & Senior Systems Analyst 2001-Present
  • Net Partners, Inc., Co-founder, Senior Partner 1993-2001
  • Paranet, Inc., Senior Systems Consultant 1991-1993
  • Prime Computer, Inc., Systems Integration Consultant 1990-1991
  • Exxon Company, USA Systems Analyst (contract) 1988-1990
  • Litton Industries, Inc., Systems Programmer/Analyst 1986-1988


  • Louisiana State University, B.S. Computer Science 1985
  • Louisiana State University, B.S. Physics 1985
  • University of Southern Mississippi, Graduate courses: Relational Database Systems and Software Engineering 1987
  • Tulane University A. B. Freeman School of Business, Master Certificate in Business Management 2005

Continuing Education

  • BMC Patrol Administration/Implementation
  • Microsoft Windows NT Programming
  • Developing File Systems for Windows NT
  • BEST/1 for UNIX
  • BEST/1 for Distributed Systems SureStart Engagement Process
  • FileNET Panagon Sys Admin on UNIX
  • OSF DME Workshop
  • OSF DCE Internals
  • Tivoli Management Environment Advanced Developer
  • Advanced Perl Programming
  • Mach 3.0 MIG Programming
  • Porting the Mach 3.0 OS
  • OSF/1 Introduction
  • Project Management
  • Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for 3D Image Generation
  • X-Windows and Open Dialogue Programming
  • Network Computing System (NCS) Programming
  • MVS/XA Introduction
  • IBM Series/I CF Support
  • IBM Series/I EDL Programming
  • Calma Apollo DDM System Support
  • Introduction to Hypertext and Hypermedia


  • UNIX Review, “Spotlight on FDDI” October, 1992
  • LISA IV, “TCL and Tk: Tools for the System Administrator” October, 1992

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Other Skills

  • Houston Business Show on CNN 650 Radio, Periodic Appearances and Guest Host, 2004-2005


Available upon request.